Typography II (Spring 2011)
Oklahoma State University
Canon 60D, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

This project was created as a 2010 Annual Report for the moving and storage company UHAUL. It displays vital financial and company information. The concept behind the report is to position UHAUL as a do-it-yourself company by using tactile imagery and materials. The images shown focus on the textures, tools, and materials used while moving. The cover is crafted from a combination of packing twine, packing tape, craft paper, and a packing label. The report feels like a packed box in the readers hands. The first page emphasizes this feeling by using actual bubble wrap to contain the interior pages. The center fold uses vellum to show information both packed ina box and unpacked onto a shelf. These qualities allow readers to interact with the report and further highlights the do-it-yourself concept.
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